Kennedy’s Village is happy to “Bridge the Gap Between Sickle Cell Disease Research and Care” with CaRISMA.

Objective: The objective of CaRISMA is to determine whether a chat-bot or education on your device will help improve pain and overall health for people 18 years and older living with sickle cell disease. The chat-bot will focus on alternative ways to help manage pain for sickle cell warriors. This study would like to determine whether cognitive behavioral training (CBT) will have a greater benefit on daily pain intensity and how much pain affects daily functioning at 6 months, compared to education. This study would also determine whether CBT will confer a greater benefit on depression, health care utilization, and opioid use compared to education. 

What is CaRISMA: CaRISMA is a PCORI awarded research study, that is focusing on alternative methods to treating chronic pain. CaRISMA is a chat-bot through Facebook messenger, that communicates with the warrior about alternative methods to dealing with sickle cell pain. The hope is that the chatbot will lead to the introduction and widespread use of a low-cost, acceptable, and effective behavioral intervention to address chronic pain. If successful, this study will improve access to effective pain treatment for patients with sickle cell disease and other underserved populations that may be suffering from chronic pain.