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“Savannah Day” (Siblings Day)

April is here and it's an exciting time for me personally. Real spring weather and my "Jamaica-versary" (get married in two places and you get two wedding anniversaries). The day in April I love most is April 30th. April 30th at 1:26 p.m. to be exact.  Why April 30th? Because it's my oldest daughter's birthday.… Continue reading “Savannah Day” (Siblings Day)

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Accepting Pre-loved Items for Annual Garage Sale

Hey Village! It's almost time for our Annual Garage Sale. Kennedy's Village is now accepting donations for our annual Pop-up Garage Sale! Do you have any pre-loved items you are ready to part with? Last year we raised over $1,000.00! Help us beat that this year! All funds from the sale go toward our mission… Continue reading Accepting Pre-loved Items for Annual Garage Sale

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Madness or March, Fighting Against the “Comfort Zone”

Photo by Pixabay on The hubby and I love NBA basketball. Living in the Detroit area, we have not had much experience lately with our home team making the playoffs. So, while I wait for the Pistons to make their way back on top, it's been interesting to watch players leave their teams for… Continue reading Madness or March, Fighting Against the “Comfort Zone”

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Conquering Ain’t Easy

When Kennedy was first diagnosed with Sickle Cell, people around me were great and full of encouragement. People who knew someone with Sickle Cell gave me all the positive reports of their lives, and people who didn't know anyone with Sickle Cell researched people and found articles about PhD professionals, nurses, teachers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs,… Continue reading Conquering Ain’t Easy

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Family to Family Resale

Join Kennedy's Village, Inc. and It's a Small World Daycare for a Family to Family Resale. Come shop for yourself, kids, and even household items! This Resale is special because proceeds go toward our mission to "Bridge the Gap Between Sickle Cell Disease Research and Care." See the flyer below and join us as we… Continue reading Family to Family Resale


Donate via the Cash App

Kennedy's Village, Inc. has added a new way to donate from your phone. Introducing Cash App Go to Cash App from your mobile phone and use the code below. Thanks for supporting Kennedy's Village as we work to achieve our mission to "Bridge the Gap Between Research and Care." Follow us on all forms of… Continue reading Donate via the Cash App