Meet The Co-Founders

I vividly remember sitting in the post office parking lot early on a Monday morning and reading the letter that told me about my daughter’s Sickle Cell Disease diagnosis eight days after she was born. To be honest, fear and anxiety won the battle in the parking lot that day. But that was just one battle. Fighting Sickle Cell Disease is a war. I got through that battle in the parking lot and became a conquering advocate. Navigating this process for our daughter has helped me quickly understand that there are many gaps between service and care, specifically in the area of Sickle Cell Research. Research is one of the larger issues with care and one we believe would be beneficial to those conquering Sickle Cell Disease. There is beauty in being willing to help others while you conquer your own battles along the way. Since that Monday in the post office parking lot, my family has connected with other people conquering Sickle Cell Disease and other chronic illnesses. We’ve learned from each other and supported one another while fighting for our kids, loved ones, and ourselves. 
Kennedy’s Village is committed to “Reshaping Sickle Cell Disease.”

Shavonn Burgess, LPC

Born and raised as a son of the city of Detroit, I know a little something about making a comeback. I’ve seen people struggle to make ends meet. I’ve seen others have to make a choice between food and medication or quality healthcare, but somehow make it through. This shouldn’t be! As a co-founder, Communications Director, husband, and father of two, one of which is conquering Sickle Cell Disease, my goal is to use my love and desire to help those in need by helping to shape sickle cell and bridge the gap between research and care. Let’s make a comeback together!

Eric Burgess