Madness or March, Fighting Against the “Comfort Zone”

The hubby and I love NBA basketball. Living in the Detroit area, we have not had much experience lately with our home team making the playoffs. So, while I wait for the Pistons to make their way back on top, it’s been interesting to watch players leave their teams for other teams throughout the league … More Madness or March, Fighting Against the “Comfort Zone”

Oh, Heavy Day

On Monday August 29, 2016, we’d just returned home from California. It was our first trip with two kids so I had A LOT to unpack. As I loaded clothes full of California sand into the washing machine, the vibration from my phone sent me back to my reality. It was a text from the … More Oh, Heavy Day

Her Story

When I decided to start this blog, I was full of ideas on topics to post. I had no clue the toughest part would be deciding what to write first. Being honest, originally, I wasn’t that excited about being involved with social media. I think some people get caught in the trappings of it too … More Her Story